Are Doomsday Clock's Mime and Marionette Metahuman?

SPOILER WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for Doomsday Clock #3 by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, on sale now.

The nuance and ethics of metahuman ability is something in the forefront of both Watchmen and its spiritual successor, Doomsday Clock -- and the event series' latest issue may have just complicated the issue in an unexpected way.

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One of the tentpoles of the Watchmen universe has always been its dire look at just what a person who is granted the power of a being like Superman would actually entail. Dr. Manhattan is the cynical "real life" version of an all-powerful entity, a person who becomes so unmoored from humanity thanks to his essentially limitless abilities, that he retreats from Earth entirely. He is Watchmen's only proper metahuman character in a world populated by masked superheroes who are really just like Bruce Wayne or Vic Sage -- regular people who have some sort of combination of the money, the skill and the ambition to put on a costume and seek fame and fortune fighting crime.


The logistics of metahumans in the DC Universe have also been brought to the forefront with a concept explained in Doomsday Clock dubbed "The Supermen Theory," which alleges that metahuman populations in the United States are, in fact, the result of shady government conspiracy and experimentation.

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Thematically, it's not hard to see the direct links in subject matter -- but there is a potential wrench in the works. Two new characters from the Watchmen universe -- The Mime and The Marionette -- were finally allowed to truly showcase their respective abilities in Issue #3, and in doing so, raised a whole slew of questions.


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