Doomsday Clock: Johns Reveals Whether Killer Frost is Lying About the Superman Theory


At the heart of DC's Doomsday Clock event, there is a worldwide wave of distrust in the world's superheroes that stems from something called the Superman Theory. While much of this theory is still mysterious to us, we do know that it's influence is quite clear: metahumans are no longer trusted. In fact, some of them are outright hunted down by the general public -- to the point that Black Adam, of all people, has offered sanctuary to all the world's supers.

The Superman Theory gained traction as a conspiracy theory that stipulated most of the world's metahumans, who just so happened to be Americans, were actually created by the US government as super soldiers, and that the extensive stories that surround them were nothing more than elaborate narratives to keep their true purpose a mystery. Leaked documents and reports have "supported" these claims, and a witness testimony coming from Killer Frost claimed that it was all true -- that, for example, Firestorm was created by the government.

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But the truth of the matter is that we, the readers, know this isn't true. So what is Killer Frost up to? Were we lied to all along, or is she the one who's lying? Well, the writer behind the comic series, Geoff Johns, finally sets the record straight.

Speaking with Newsweek, the scribe revealed that Killer Frost is, indeed, lying. "You’ve got this moment where Killer Frost, who after Firestorm says, “Hey I’m not one of them,” and Killer Frost says, “Oh he totally is. This one is, this one is, I am, you can’t trust any of us.” Well, who knows if she’s telling the truth or just stirring stuff up? And spoiler alert, she’s totally lying, but she’s doing it just because she is trying to screw over Firestorm and other people."

According to Johns, the mystery of the conspiracy theory is far from over. Worse still, it's meant to reflect the current political climate. "The Superman Theory is supposed to be something that is creating this world tension, reflecting some of how misinformation can actually get very, very dangerous in our world, and in this case, even more so," the writer says. "There is an element of truth to it and that truth is going to be uncovered, and who is behind it and why and what it was designed to do and what’s happening, will play a major part in the story."

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Doomsday Clock #6, written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank, hits store shelves August 29.

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