Rorschach Arrives in the DCU on Doomsday Clock #1's Animated Cover


While we've known for months that Dr. Manhattan was actively involved in, if not completely masterminding the rewriting of DC Universe continuity, readers have been wondering which of the other Watchmen characters would be making their presence known in the DCU as Rebirth continues to unfold.

It's more than a little obvious, now, that the answer to that question is simple: Rorschach.

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Last week saw the debut of three covers for Doomsday Clock #1. While the first tow had obvious Watchmen overtones, the third, a lenticular motion variant cover, teased the arrival of Rorschach in the DC Universe. Today, Doomsday Clock writer Geoff Johns revealed the animated cover art in its entirety.

As you can see, the cover stars the infamous costumed conspiracy theorist Rorschach, repurposing Watchmen illustrator Dave Gibbon's art from his and Alan Moore's seminal series for the lenticular animation. And, as expected, the vigilante's signature inkblot mask is animated, morphing from his traditional pattern style to the unmistakable image of Superman, Wonder Woman and Atman's icons.

Though Doctor Manhattan’s involvement in the Rebirth era was pretty openly teased before being outright confirmed multiple times, the rest of the Watchmen cast’s potential involvement has remained a mystery. Ozymandias has been a front-runner favorite to be revealed as the mysterious Mr. Oz who has been pulling strings across the DCU since even before the DC Universe: Rebirth one-shot was released, and the Comedian’s iconic blood-splattered smiley face button has been a cornerstone piece of the entire Rebirth mystery. And now we know for sure that Rorschach will be making his way to the DCU as well.

For over a year, DC’s heroes, from Batman to Superman to the Titans and Flash and beyond, have been uncovering clues leading them to an inevitable showdown with Doctor Manhattan and whomever might be working alongside him for reasons as yet unrevealed. Now, as we head towards 2018, the answers fans have been debating, pundits have theorized over and everyone is waiting to learn are set to be revealed in the pages of Doomsday Clock, and event series written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Gary Frank.

This will be Geoff Johns’ first foray into comics since last year’s DC Universe Rebirth #1; he will be joined on the project by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson.

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