Doomsday Clock #7, Annotated, Part 1 – The Multiverse, The Legion & The Jokermobile

Joker's Lair (Pages 7-8, 10)

A deadly Joker parade balloon, from Tim Burton's 1989 "Batman" movie

First off, we're a bit disappointed that the Joker didn't list "Ha-Hacienda" as one of his hideout's monikers. Anyway, the woman with the blue hair, choker necklace and heart tattoo on Page 7, Panel 4 is probably Harley Quinn, but we don't remember Harley having that tattoo.

Continuing the unexpected trend of vintage 1970s toy cameos, in the background of the Joker's hideout is a full-sized (and probably much more lethal) version of Mego's 1975 Jokermobile toy, sized for a pair of 8-inch cloth-costumed action figures. Complete with squirting flower-cannon, rear-mounted boxing glove and lips-decorated hood, and first seen on Page 7, Panel 4, the Jokermobile is a converted Volkswagen Microbus.

Since the good guys were not to be outdone, Mego also produced a Mobile Batlab using the same chassis. We cannot overstate the importance of stereotypical counterculture transportation to 1970s toy marketing.

Skipping ahead some 14 years on the nostalgia timeline, the giant curvy clown-thing behind it looks to us like a parade balloon from 1989's Batman movie. There it carried deadly Smylex gas, courtesy of Jack Nicholson's Joker.

On Page 10 it looks like the Joker's holed up in the old Gotham Mirror Company building. Indeed, we see a few funhouse mirrors in front of the parade balloon on Page 7.

Just as Batman has a giant Joker playing card in the Batcave, so the Joker has a giant Ace of Spades in his lair (Page 8). As Motörhead reminded us so vividly, the Ace of Spades signifies death. Apparently this comes from the way American soldiers used it for psychological operations in the Vietnam War. For what it's worth, we thought it went back at least as far as the Old West.

Come back tomorrow for much more in Part 2, including the Justice Society, old Aquaman adversaries, butterflies and ... Doctor Cat-hattan?

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