Doomsday Clock #4 Release Delayed Until March

Doomsday Clock #4

Doomsday Clock, the high-profile DC Comics that integrates characters from Watchmen into the DC Universe, has released its first three issues on a monthly basis. But on Wednesday, writer Geoff Johns announced the title will shift to a bimonthly schedule, which means the fourth issue will arrive in late March rather than in February.

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The reason for the delay wasn't given, but Johns has said in the past that he and artist Gary Frank want to do their best work with 32 pages of story each issue. Decreasing to 20 pages an issue was never on the table for either creator.

The series was originally planned to conclude in November 2018, but the delay of Issue 4, along with another skip month, means that Doomsday Clock's 12th and final issue likely won't arrive until the middle of 2019. With Doomsday Clock also said to be set a year into the future of the DC Universe, it's unknown how -- or if -- the scheduling change will affect other DC titles.

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With its newly announced delay, Doomsday Clock #4, by Geoff Johns and Gary Frank, will go on sale March 28 from DC Comics.

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