Doomsday Clock #4 Cover Adds Rorschach to Your Breakfast

With Doomsday Clock looming, fans weren't surprised to see Rorschach joining the DC Comics universe given that he played such a big role in Watchmen. Now, his influence is even more in-your-face with Gary Frank revealing the work-in-progress cover to Doomsday Clock #4 which has the anti-hero's signature deliciously smeared all over it.

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The artist revealed the cover in a tweet with the caption: "Pancakes with Rorschach sauce.Thanks for the chat, @JimLee . It was fun and a bit therapeutic after all the secrecy." While some decoding may be required for Frank's tweet, we can clearly see the cover depicting pancakes and the symmetrical distribution of pancake sauce which is, well, symbolic of Rorschach's mask.

Rorschach is poised to play a major role in the upcoming event with Batman seemingly attaining the vigilante's journal from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbon's epic. Before his death at the hands of Doctor Manhattan, Rorschach sent his journal to The New Frontiersman, a newspaper publication he’d hoped would read and publish his findings.

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Unfortunately, it was hinted that the police struggled with Rorschach’s cryptic, frantic and really indecipherable handwriting, but now it may have gotten a second shot at relevancy with the journal in the Dark Knight's hands. There’s now the troubling matter of how Bruce came to possess it and just what Rorschach’s bleak observations about his world and Ozymandias’s plot for mankind could possibly mean for the DC Universe.

Doomsday Clock #1 is scheduled for release on Nov. 22.

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