Doomsday Clock Teases a Watchmen Ally for an Evil Lex Luthor


DC Comics' solicitations are arriving later today, but ahead of the publisher's full slate of titles and cover art for December 2017, we've got a look at series artist Gary Frank's covers for the second issue of the highly anticipated Doomsday Clock.

The covers, revealed in a tweet by series writer Geoff Johns, follow in the footsteps of those for the event title's first issue. Both covers show a heavy influence from artist Dave Gibbons' iconic Watchmen series, and both tease some pretty major events to unfold in the second issue.

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The first cover is both significant and confusing; the image is a shot of what appears to be at least one, possibly two costumes, lying in a crumpled heap on the floor. And while the costumes are unfamiliar, those who have read Alan Moore and Gibbons' seminal series will immediately recognize the unmistakable Nostalgia logo on several products strewn about the floor. Nostalgia is, of course the brand of Adrian Veidt's line of cosmetics in the Watchmen universe, its products appearing throughout the entire 12-issue series.


Speaking of Veidt, while Lex Luthor is the most visible figure in Frank's second cover, Superman's longtime enemy and current ally is not alone. To Lex's right (our left), we see a hand on his shoulder, wearing the unmistakable gauntlet of Ozymandias, the superhero (or villain) identity of Adrian Veidt. Luthor, who has spent months building his reputation as a bonafide superhero, and who has even struck up the beginning of a friendship with Superman, looks more like his former, villainous self in the image than readers have grown accustomed to of late.


To make the image even more intriguing, not only does Lex look angry and, well, evil, he apparently has in his possession the Comedian's iconic smiley face button. This, of course, raises a host of other questions, not the least of which is how he and Ozymandias managed to get their hands on the object. The last it was seen in the DC Universe, it was at the center of a Batman and Flash crossover, where it was responsible for the resurrection of the pre-Flashpoint era Reverse Flash.

Doomsday Clock #1 is scheduled for release on Nov. 22. Issue 2 arrives in late December. This will be Geoff Johns’ first foray into comics since last year’s DC Universe Rebirth #1; he will be joined on the project by Gary Frank and Brad Anderson.

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