Doomsday Clock's Gary Frank Shares Photo of the Long-Awaited Issue #11

Fans of DC's Doomsday Clock have been eagerly awaiting the series' next issue, and artist Gary Frank gave them some exciting news on Monday.

Frank tweeted a photo of a physical copy of the pending issue #11, assuring fans with a simple caption stating, "It exists." The photograph itself shows that the issue has in fact been printed.

The cover shows Batman's hand stopping another from making a fateful turn of a key that could initiate nuclear Armageddon. Batman was last seen in issue #9 of Frank and Geoff Johns series, trying to warn the DC Universe's assembly of heroes as they journeyed to Mars to confront Doctor Manhattan.

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Meanwhile, things have been plenty tense on Earth in the wake of the international incident caused by Superman's battle with Firestorm in Russia, so perhaps nuclear war is indeed nigh. Black Adam and other villains storming the United Nations during the heroes' absence probably doesn't help matters, either.

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The wait between issues has typically been agonizing for fans throughout the series. Initially announced as bi-monthly, DC later shifted the publication schedule to quarterly after issue #8. The most recent issue was published on May 29.

Fans can officially rejoice next week, however. Doomsday Clock #11 goes on sale September 4.

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