Doom Patrol: First Details Surface About TV Series' Crazy Jane

Crazy Jane in Doom Patrol #5

As surprising at it was that DC's oddball superhero team the Doom Patrol will get its own live-action series, that was second to the news that the lineup will include Crazy Jane, a fan-favorite comics character introduced in 1989 by Grant Morrison and Richard Case. Now, however, we get the first idea of how she may fit into the DC Universe drama.

According to That Hashtag Show, the show's version of Kay Challis, aka Crazy Jane, will be a woman in her 20s with several personalities, characterized by the website as "a bit of a Harley Quinn-esque character."

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In the comics, Crazy Jane suffers from multiple-personality disorder and, as a result of the gene bomb unleashed by the alien Dominators in DC's Invasion! event, each of her 64 personalities manifests a different superpower.

Although the other members of the Doom Patrol will be introduced in the fifth episode of Titans, Crazy Jane doesn't enter the picture until the spinoff, joining Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl and Dr. Niles Caulder (aka "The Chief"). It was reported just last week that Kelsey Grammer is being courted for the latter role. According to That Hashtag Show, casting continues for The Chief, Crazy Jane and Cyborg.

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DC Universe, Warner Bros.' new subscription streaming service, will launch this fall with the live-action Titans, as well as a lineup of classic DC films and TV series, a curated comics library, and exclusive merchandise. The show will be joined in 2019 by the animated Young Justice: Outsiders and Harley Quinn, with the live-action Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol also in development.

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