DC's Doom Patrol TV Series Officially Adds April Bowlby As Elasti-Girl


After a guest appearance on DC Universe's Titans live-action series, April Bowlby has confirmed she will be playing Elasti-Woman full time on Doom Patrol.

Originally known in the comics as Elasti-Girl, Rita Farr takes on the moniker Elasti-Woman after joining DC's original misfit superteam, the Doom Patrol. Bowlby is expected to guest star on the fifth episode of DC Universe's upcoming Titans series setting up her starring role on next year's live-action Doom Patrol spinoff.

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Bowlby's casting makes her the first actor confirmed to appear on Doom Patrol with producers reportedly approaching Kelsey Grammer to star as team leader Dr. Niles "The Chief" Caulder. The team's roster is also expected to include Robotman, Negative Man, and Crazy Jane after being assembled by Titans member Cyborg. The team was created in June 1963 in the pages of My Greatest Adventure #80 by writers Arnold Drake and Bob Haney with artist Bruno Premiani.

After Rita Farr is exposed to strange chemicals that change her cellular structure, she gains the ability to stretch and contort her entire body to superhuman levels. Longing for her previous, normal life, Farr finds her new place in society among the titular DC team.

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DC Universe, DC Comics' premium streaming service launching this fall, ordered a thirteen-episode first season of Doom Patrol spinning out of Titans this past May. The new series is expected to debut on the streaming service sometime next year.

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