Doom Patrol: 10 Big Questions We Have After The Season One Finale

Even with the season one finale ending on a satisfying conclusion, there are at least 10 really big questions we still have after watching DC Universe's weird and surreal Doom Patrol. After making their bizarre introduction in My Greatest Adventure #80, audiences seemed ripe and ready for the live-action version. But this oddball superhero team dived into the absurd like viewers had never seen before.

Based on the DC Comics' superhuman team of eccentric misfits created by Arnold Drake, Bob Haney, and Bruno Premiani, Doom Patrol followed the gang of odd outcasts as they searched nonstop for their missing leader, the enigmatic Niles Caulder (Timothy Dalton).

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Due to their issues with alienation, abuse, and trauma from their past history, the ragtag group of dysfunctional superheroes were afraid to take on Eric Morden (aka Mr. Nobody — Alan Tudyk). After pulling together for a bizarre confrontation, Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero), Cliff Steele (Brendan Fraser), Rita Farr (April Bowlby), and Larry Trainor (Matt Bomer) managed to defeat their enemy, although with unexpected results. If you're still puzzled by what happened during the final moments, then here are 10 big questions we have about the first season finale of Doom Patrol.

10 What Powers Does Caulder's Daughter Have?

At his most desperate need for help, Niles Caulder (Dalton) (aka The Chief), revealed to the team that his daughter, Dorothy, had been kidnapped by Mr. Nobody. During the season finale, "Ezekiel Patrol," Niles dropped a major revelation about himself after keeping his mysterious past a deep secret. Never mentioning her once, Caulder had been keeping his daughter hidden this entire time, because she's potentially the most powerful human being on the planet.

Viewers got a glimpse of what Dorothy can actually do with her superpowers. She turned the maniacal cockroach, Ezekiel, and the vengeance-seeking rat, Admiral Whiskers, into giant unstoppable creatures. Will we get to explore more about Dorothy and her powers when the show possibly returns?

9 Is Niles Caulder Still The Leader?

The Doom Patrol may have helped The Chief rescue his kidnapped daughter, but that doesn't mean they have forgiven him for ruining their lives. On purpose, the Chief set up the car crash that turned race car driver, Cliff Steele, into Robotman. The disastrous incident also killed Cliff's wife and left his daughter an orphan. Like the others, Cliff has no reason to trust Niles after Dorothy's rescue.

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If the show does move forward, does this mean the Chief has been kicked out of the group? Will Niles end up having to redeem himself if he plans on sticking around with the dysfunctional group? If the superhero team can't put aside their differences with Caulder, what does that mean for Dorothy? Will the team even want the two there at Doom Manor?

8 Will Doom Patrol Still Be Tiny?

During the final moments of the finale, the Negative Spirit released a radiation blast that reduced Danny the Street into a single brick. As a result of the radioactive explosion, the rest of the Doom Patrol were shrunk down into pint-sized versions of themselves. Baffled but still quick-thinking, Larry (Bomer) realizes there must be something in Caulder's laboratory that could possibly help them.

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How long will the shrunken members of Doom Patrol stay tiny? The team seems to be okay and alive, but they're all tiny-sized during the cliff-hanger. When the show comes back on, will Doom Patrol be able to return to their regular size and stature? Will that brick revert back into Danny the Street again?

7 What Happened To Mr. Nobody?

In "Ezekiel Patrol," Mr. Nobody (Tudyk) found himself betrayed by his cohorts, Ezekiel and Admiral Whiskers. Reluctantly teaming up with the weirdos he despised so much, Mr. Nobody steered Ezekiel and Admiral Whiskers into a sexual rendezvous. This distraction helped Trainor to unleash the Negative Spirit and create the radioactive assault needed to subdue everyone. In the aftermath, Mr. Nobody found himself trapped inside a painting, along with the traitorous bunch and the Beard Hunter (Tommy Snider).

Does this mean Mr. Nobody is stuck inside the painting forever? What happens if Mr. Nobody escapes from the White Dimension? Will he still seek revenge after Caulder, his daughter, and the rest of Doom Patrol? This is going to be a lingering possibility until the sophomore season.

6 Where's Flex Mentallo?

During "Flex Patrol," Flex Mentallo (Devan Chandler Long) turned out to be "Prisoner 722" inside the Ant Farm. Kidnapped by the Bureau of Normalcy, Flex was unable to communicate with the outside world and allowed his powers to remain dormant. The only thing that kept him sane inside the prison cell was the love he had for Dolores (Susan Williams). Unfortunately, the long-awaited reunion between Flex and Dolores came with a tragic price. After reuniting with his lost love, Dolores triggered the bomb planted by the Bureau of Normalcy. Flex held her in his arms one last time before she completely disintegrated and vanished.

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Helping Doom Patrol find the Chief, Flex created the portal that sent them to the White dimension. And that was supposedly the end for that character. The show completely forgot about Flex and never brought him back. Showrunner Jeremy Carver did set up an origin story that included romance and revenge, but there was no payoff. Will Flex Mentallo return to seek payback against the Bureau of Normalcy for what they did to Dolores?

5 Where Does Beast Boy Fit In?

During the first season of Titans, in the episode, "Doom Patrol," Garfield Logan (Ryan Potter), aka Beast Boy, revealed he had been living at Doom Manor. Doom Patrol didn't make may reference to Beast Boy during its entire 15-episode run. Is Beast Boy supposed to be the crossover character or not?

Ever since the Teen Titans comics, Garfield Logan and Vic Stone have had a profound friendship that hasn't been represented on either show. If the show returns for another season, will Doom Patrol explain the timeline and reveal how Beast Boy ended up with the team? Will the live-action versions of Garfield and Vic eventually meet up?

4 Are Vic And Silas Stone Okay?

Vic (Jovian Wade) and Silas Stone (Phil Morris) had a tumultuous father/son relationship throughout the first season. As tension heated up, Vic (Wade) didn't discover Mr. Nobody had hacked into his mainframe until it was too late. Vic ended up beating up his own father to a bloody pulp, sending Silas straight to the emergency room.

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While recovering at the hospital, Silas revealed what happened after the lab explosion that transformed Vic into Cyborg. Caught in a difficult situation, Silas had to choose between saving his wife or son. Moving forward, what's the relationship going to be like between father and son now that Victor knows what happened to his mother?

3 Is Cyborg still on the team?

Throughout the first season, Cyborg (Wade) repeatedly mentioned he only stuck around at Doom Manor because Niles was kidnapped. Now that Mr. Nobody has been defeated and Caulder has been reunited with his daughter, what will keep Cyborg around at the manor? His overall mission has been completed and he still has plans to eventually join the Justice League.

Once the tiny-sized Cyborg returns back to normal, what's the point of having him stay there? Does Vic have a reason to reside at the manor with the others? Will Cyborg end up becoming a permanent member of the misfit team?

2 Does Clara Steele Know Her Father Is Alive?

Clara Steele (Bethany Anne Lind) grew up without her father, Cliff (Fraser), thinking that he died in the car crash. In actuality, Cliff's brain was kept alive by the Chief and put inside a robot body. Cliff has repeatedly thought about reconnecting with his long-lost daughter. Unfortunately, Cliff is afraid of returning to his daughter's life and causing her more suffering.

During the closing moments, "Frances Patrol," Clara and Robotman ended up bumping into each other, touching each other's hands ever so slightly. Did Clara get a sudden realization that Robotman was actually her father back from the dead? Or does she think a stranger accidentally walked right into her?

1 When's Season Two Getting Here?

The first season finale of Doom Patrol left audiences wanting more. There were strange characters, subplots, and unresolved issues left to explore for a potential second season. As of right now, there are rumors of it re-appearing in February of 2020, but nothing is concrete if there will even be a season two.

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The DC Universe has already canceled Swamp Thing and will air the second half of Young Justice: Outsiders. Here's hoping Doom Patrol joins the ranks of Titans and gets renewed for a second season. So when will the sophomore season get here already, so we can start watching the show again?

The entire first season is now streaming DC Universe.

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