Every Doom Patrol Power, Ranked

Doom Patrol debuted in February on DC Universe and has been met with almost universal acclaim. Unlike Titans, which has proven divisive, it seems that the majority of viewers have immediately embraced the absurdist adventures of the oddball DC Comics team. Over the years the team has often been seen by fans as DC's weird answer to Marvel's X-Men, and have maintained their cult status because of their eclectic stories, but perhaps now they're due for a major mainstream push?

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This article will rank every member of the team (and their main antagonist) in terms of their powers.

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Rita Farr aka Elasti-Woman is likely the least powerful member of the Doom Patrol, but that is not to say she isn't powerful in her own right. She has the ability to shrink and expand her body; she can shrink to mere inches tall and can expand to the size of a skyscraper! She can selectively shrink or expand different parts of her body and because of her protoplasmic physiology, can regenerate any part of her body, such as re-growing a severed limb. Her main weakness is that she is a protoplasmic blob in her natural form, and can only maintain 'keeping her face on' for limited periods. This has made her something of a recluse, preferring to stay behind closed doors in Niles Caulder's mansion/the team's home base.


Cliff Steele aka Robotman is a former NASCAR driver whose brain was transplanted into a robotic shell after a horrific crash destroyed his body. His mechanical body possesses superhuman speed, strength and endurance. He is extremely resilient against physical attack and even energy-based attack. Robotman is often seen as the heart of the Doom Patrol, as he has been a member of every incarnation of the team, but actor Brendan Fraser also thinks he's the brains of the operation.

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He believes that while Cliff isn't always the smartest guy in the room, he is definitely the most level-headed and this aids the team in a myriad of ways. His great weakness is the guilt he feels over his previous life, but Fraser says the show will detail Steele's journey to becoming a 'better human than he was when he was a human'.


In 1961, Larry Trainor was a United States Air Force test-pilot who flew his jet through a radioactive cloud in the upper atmosphere. This left his body emitting a lethal dose of radiation as it became host to a 'negative spirit' of pure energy. Larry was considered dead to the world, but has actually been secretly living in Caulder Manor for decades. He is wrapped in bandages head to toe and struggles with his control over the negative spirit, which is depicted as some kind of energy duplicate that can seemingly leave his body at will.

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His negative self is capable of flight, intangibility and can generate minor explosions upon contact with positive energy. Astral projection is another ability he has in the comics, though we haven't seen that in the show yet.


While the incarnation of Cyborg in Doom Patrol mightn't be as powerful as the Motherbox-fuelled version in Zack Snyder's lamentable Justice League, he's still a force to be reckoned with on the show. Victor Stone was a star athlete and an honor student who suffered a horrific accident in the lab run by his scientist parents.

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To save his life, his father Dr Silas Stone fused Victor's body with some revolutionary cybernetic implants of his own design. When Doom Patrol picks up, Victor is using his enhanced body to protect his neighborhood in Detroit. Cyborg's biggest strength in the show is that he is a genuine hero in his own right and the rest of the team see him as such, rather than how they look at themselves as 'circus freak' outcasts. He is also driven by the death of his mother, who perished in the lab explosion that created him. He sees every criminal he catches and every person he saves as a way of fulfilling a pledge to make his mother proud of him.


Crazy Jane is undoubtedly the most powerful member of the Doom Patrol, and she has the potential for even greater power to be realised. Jane has 64 distinct personalities living within her and every single one of them has a different superpower. In the show, every character is defined by the damage they have sustained in their lives and for most of them there is a visible physical element to this damage.

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However, unlike Robotman or Elasti-Woman, Jane's childhood trauma that brought about her split personality is not immediately visible, but that doesn't mean it was any less life-changing. In the show so far we have seen a few of Jane's personalities/powers. There is Hammerhead, who has some kind of super-strength; The Wall-Crawler, who can stick to ceilings and walls; Flaming Katy, a being made of living fire; and Lucy Fugue, who has electricity-based powers. Theoretically, with so many of Jane's personalities left to explore, her power potential is limitless.


Mr Nobody is the chief antagonist of Doom Patrol's first season and is the most powerful person on the show for one simple reason: he can alter reality. That's pretty big! Originally a nobody named Eric Morden, a Nazi mad scientist's experiments drove him insane and transformed him into a living shadow with the power to alter reality around it. Mr Nobody, as he has taken to calling himself, is fully aware that he exists in a TV show and sees himself as someone with the power to 'control the story'. This means he regularly breaks the fourth wall and addresses the audience directly, calling out the various tropes of superhero fiction; kind of like a villainous Deadpool!

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In the comics Mr Nobody had the power to drain people of their sanity, but we reckon the reality altering aspect of his TV incarnation bumps him up several power categories.

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