10 Doom Patrol Members We Hope To See On The Show

With the first season of DC's Doom Patrol being a huge success, fans are eager to see what they have in store for a second season. Doom Patrol's comic history is full of extremely strange and funny characters. This first season showed the showrunners have no apprehension about using strange characters and telling very weird stories.

Out of its many long comic book runs, there are a few characters we would love to see debut in season 2. Here's a list of the top 10 Doom Patrol members we hope to see on the show.

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10 Faith

Originally a replacement for Batman on the Justice League's roster, little is known about Faith's origins. In terms of her background, she was raised by the military and worked with a black ops group.

Although not much is known about her, and she only served a short stint on the Doom Patrol, Faith would make a great character for the DC show. One justification for her inclusion would be her incredible powers. Faith has telepathic and psychokinetic abilities. She can life skyscrapers and in the past has even destroyed a fleet of alien ships. With a mysterious past and very high power levels, she would be an interesting addition to the shows cast.

9 Vox

Mal Duncan, also known as Vox, is an interesting hero. Using his artificial lungs and voice box to create powerful hypersonic blasts. Much like Beast Boy, Vox has appeared on both the Teen Titan and Doom Patrol rosters.

What makes Vox perfect for the show is his broken nature. His physical trauma is simultaneously his greatest power. This helps him fit right in with the likes of Robotman, Elastigirl, Crazy Jane and the rest. His introduction could both add to the drama and create visually distinct effects to show on screen.

8 Element Woman

A member of the New 52 Doom Patrol team, Element Woman is another character with ambiguous origins. Her appearance and abilities appear to be the same as the hero Metamorpho, yet it is unclear is she has even met him.

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At one point, Shade the Changing Man used his M-Vest to show that Element Woman is actually insane. An insane hero with strange morphing powers, she could fit right into the Doom Patrol's roster.

7 Bumblebee

One of DC's first black female superheroes, Bumblebee has a storied comic book history. Despite all of this, we have yet to see her debut in lived action. She was married to the hero Vox who is also on this list.

As a member of the Doom Patrol, Caulder had Bumblebee take medicine to keep her heart from going into cardiac arrest. It would do so because of her small size. At one point in the comics, she becomes stuck at this shrunken size. All that tragedy involving her powers makes Bumblebee a great candidate to join DC's Doom Patrol.

6 Fever

At one point Thayer Jost, an eccentric millionaire, decided to form his own Doom Patrol team. Among its new members was the Chinese American Shyleen Lao, also known as Fever. Shyleen uses special gloves to hone her ability of heat and fire manipulation.

She is referenced in the "Doom Patrol" episode on Titans as the new patient The Chief is seeing, but we never get to follow up with her. It would be great if we got to see her introduction to the team in season 2.

5 Metamorpho

Metamorpho kevin nolan

One of the more popular heroes on this list, Metamorpho would be a fan favorite induction to the team. Once an adventurer, Rex Mason turns into the element-shifting Metamorpho after being cursed by an ancient artifact.

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His strange history and even stranger appearance would add to the unique tone of the show. He could also be used to introduce characters such as Element Girl and Element Woman.

4 Ambush Bug

Between the donkey farts and talking insects, Ambush Bug would fit right into the Doom Patrol TV Show. This character not only has the appearance of a bug and the ability to teleport but also breaks the fourth wall.

After having the main villain break the fourth wall in season one, it would be nice to have a hero on the team break the fourth wall as well.

3 Doctor Light

A brilliant scientist powered by the star Vega, Kimiyo Hoshi may be one of the most popular heroes to appear on this list. Having an extremely smart scientist would definitely add a new dynamic to the team.

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In addition to her smarts, Doctor Light's powers are also very dynamic. Her phoyokinesis gives her control over all forms of light. Visually, this could look amazing on screen, and we can't wait to see the Doom Patrol team get to work on it.

2 Negative Woman

A character inhabited by the same being as Larry Trainor, Negative Woman would make for a great addition to this iteration of the Doom Patrol. Not only would she be interesting in her own right, but Negative Woman (also known as Valentina Vostok) would also create interesting drama surrounding Larry himself.

Although possessed by the same being, Valentina actually has slightly different powers than Trainor. For instance, she is actually able to transform into a similar energy being herself. We hope that she make her way into the show.

1 Beast Boy

C'mon now, this one is a no-brainer. We did see Beast Boy in Titans, and he briefly interacted with the Doom Patrol for one episode, but we need more. The most popular character to ever be on the Doom Patrol should be a bigger part of the show.

Given his younger age and completely original powers, Beast Boy is the perfect character to round out the cast. Hopefully, he can hop back over from his stint on Titans to help out the team.

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