Doom Patrol is 'Alive and Well,' Gerard Way Assures

Fans of DC Comics' Young Animal reboot of "Doom Patrol" can relax. Apparently the series itself is not cancelled, even though the publisher has axed its solicitations for issues 7-9.

Hitting back at the rumors of its impending demise, the title's writer, and founding member of rock band My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way took to Instagram to reassure fans, in both French and English, that the series was not cancelled, saying "I’ve heard some chatter but don't worry 'Doom' readers, the series is alive and well."

"I'll be talking about 'Doom Patrol' and the rest of Young Animal all weekend at WonderCon. We are going to take the time to tell the best stories. And, there are absolutely many more issues to come, as Nick [Derington] and I have lots of plans. #doompatrol" the writer added.

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Of course, this is not the first time the writer has been forced to pause his "Doom Patrol" plans -- in an exclusive interview with CBR in 2016, Way revealed that his first attempt to write the title's return had run into trouble due to bad timing.

Hopefully this time "Doom Patrol's" hiatus will be short and Casey, Terry and the gang will soon be back on their surreal misadventures once again.

WonderCon 2017 takes place this Friday, March 31 through Sunday, April 2 at the Anaheim Convention Center.

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