Doom Patrol's Cyborg is 'A Long Way Off' From the Justice League Version

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The fast-approaching DC Universe series Doom Patrol is set to prominently feature the character Victor Stone/Cyborg, played by Joivan Wade. However, DC fans are likely well aware that isn't the first time Cyborg has gotten the the live-action treatment.

The character previously appeared in Warner Bros. 2017 film Justice League, in which he was played by Ray Fisher. However, according to Doom Patrol executive producer Sarah Schecter, as well as Wade himself, this new version of Cyborg will be significantly different than the one seen on the big screen.

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"DC has made a decision, quite smartly, to separate the cinematic world and the television world," Schecter explained while speaking at this year's TCA event, adding that in the comics, there tend to be multiple different versions of certain characters, Cyborg included.

On that note, Cyborg's role in the DC comics has certainly changed over the years. Longtime fans are likely most familiar with his long tenure as a key member of the Teen Titans. In recent years, however, the character has become more and more synonymous with the Justice League, something Doom Patrol will seemingly distance itself from.

"This DC Universe is another exciting opportunity for us to cross anver and live in a world that hasn't been seen," Wade added. "We're in a world where Cyborg is a different version that we've seen in Justice League or any other version. I have my own take on it."

"It's an earlier Cyborg," he continued. "It's a version of him that's coming into his powers and a long way off from the Justice League."

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This sentiment was echoed by Robotman voice actor Brendan Fraser, who punctuated the TCA panel with the declaration, "This ain't the Justice League."

Doom Patrol, starring Timothy Dalton as The Chief, Brendan Fraser as Robot Man, Joivan Wade as Cyborg, April Bowlby as Elasti-Woman, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, Alan Tudyk as Mr. Nobody and Matt Bomer as Negative Man, is scheduled to premiere on DC Universe on Feb. 15.

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