"Doom Patrol" Creator Arnold Drake Dies

The comics industry mourns today the loss of writer Arnold Drake, co-creator of DC Comics' Doom Patrol and Deadman. Drake fell ill during last month's New York Comic-Con and was hospitalized for pneumonia, reported Ken Gale, host of the 'Nuff Said WBAI radio program. Although his condition appeared to improve, Drake passed away this morning in New York City's Cabrini Hospital from pneumonia and septic shock.

A writer of comics since the 1940s, Arnold Drake is the creator of Beast Boy and Stanley & his Monster, characters who like Drake's Deadman and Doom Patrol have entertained readers for decades in countless appearances and several series authored by Drake himself and, later, by new generations of creators he inspired. Besides his work with Little Lulu, the X-Men and even Jerry Lewis, Drake wrote in 1950 one of if not the first American graphic novel, "It Rhymes with Lust," which Dark Horse Comics is set to re-release this month.

Writer Mark Evanier has posted a detailed obituary on his site.

Arnold Drake died at age 83, surrounded by cards and letters from friends, fans and peers.

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