Doom Patrol: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Crazy Jane

One of the things that is so great about the use of live streaming services like DC Universe is that fans get a chance to see obscure heroes and characters come to life in a way they never thought possible. Obscure heroes are very popular right now, as Netflix’s Umbrella Academy can attest.

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DC Universe did this with the show Doom Patrol, bringing together a group of people with powers – or makeshift abilities – while dealing with personal traumas. One of the most popular was Crazy Jane but, for those who don’t know her, here are ten things to know about the character.

10 Originally Created For Vertigo

One of the first things to know about Crazy Jane is that she wasn’t originally a main DC Comics character. Instead, she was brought into the Doom Patrol during Grant Morrison and Richard Case’s run on the series for DC’s Vertigo Imprint. Created in 1989, the character was actually based on a real-life person.

While creating the series for Vertigo, Morrison was reading the autobiography of author Truddi Chase, who relayed her story after being diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder. After reading the autobiography, Morrison felt inspired and based the character of Crazy Jane off of her, creating an icon for Doom Patrol fans.

9 Real Name Kay Challis

The most iconic thing about Crazy Jane, of course, is her multiple personalities that come with her disassociated identity disorder. However, even Jane is a personality, one of several for the woman named Kay Challis. Born and raised in a house where she faced severe trauma at the hands of her father, years of this and other trauma fractured her mind and created her disorder.

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It was from these events that Kay eventually retreated completely into her own mind, using a puzzle to symbolize her fractured mind and create some sort of order to her world, giving control to Jane.

8 Given Powers By The Dominators

An interesting note to Jane’s history is where she got her powers. While on the show for DC Universe’s Doom Patrol, Jane got her powers at the hands of the doctors experiments at the facility she was being held in, the original comic book origin for the character is much different.

In the comics, Jane actually got her powers after the alien race known as the Dominators unleashed a gene bomb that gave her personalities various powers. For fans of the Arrowverse, the Dominators are a well known alien race, as they were the foes of a major crossover.

7 Met Cliff Steele At Same Institution She Stayed At

While the Doom Patrol show showed Cliff Steele, aka Robotman, meeting Jane for the first time at the home of Niles Caulder, aka The Chief, this was not the case for the comic book version of the Doom Patrol. Jane and Robotman met for the first time at the institution that Jane was being housed in when she got her abilities.

Occurring in the Post-Crisis era of DC Comics, Robotman had committed himself to the institution after the loss of his teammates and the depression that came with it. There, he was introduced to Jane and became her guardian.

6 Met Robotman Through A World-Renowned Genius

Many fans of Doom Patrol may think and assume that it was Niles Caulder who arranged for Jane and Robotman to meet at the Institute. While he did suggest the meeting, he did not, in fact, introduce the two future heroes and teammates to one another. Instead, they were introduced to one another by genius Will Magnus.

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Will is considered one of the most brilliant men of the DC Universe. Creator of the iconic DC characters known as The Metal Men, he rescued Cliff from his destroyed body and built him a new one, then helped introduce Cliff to Jane when she needed his help.

5 Turbulent Romance With Robotman

One of the big differences between the show and comics of Doom Patrol is the exact nature of Jane and Cliff’s relationship. When the show first began, and most of the way through the first season, it appeared that Cliff had subconsciously tried to replicate his relationship with his lost daughter through Jane.

Yet in the comics, the two heroes had eventually fallen in love, despite Cliff making mistakes, arguing with her and becoming afraid of her personalities. In the years since they separated in the comics, however, he has come to accept and love her for who she is in the DC Rebirth era.

4 Has 64 Known Personalities

While Jane is the primary personality of Kay Challis, she is definitely not the only one. In fact, so far in the comic book run of her character, it has been discovered that she has sixty-four different personalities. The unique thing is that the Dominator’s gene bomb gave each of these personalities their own power set.

Some of the most memorable personalities include Baby Doll, a sweet and caring childlike personality that believes everything in the world is lovely, Black Annis, a very aggressive being with blue skin, sharp claws and red eyes, and The Sin-Eater, who protects Jane whenever she’s captured.

3 Houses Personalities In The Underground

Many fans of the show should know this but, in order for Jane to keep the other personalities organized and the world Kay built to protect herself in order, each personality is housed in their own section of The Underground. This area is known to house each personality and all of the memories accumulated in Kay’s life.

This is also where some previous personalities had perished as well, unable to handle the stress of the real world. The Underground is built in layers, and one of the darkest places in the system is The Well, which houses Kay’s personality based on her own father.

2 Spent Much Time With Danny The Street

One of the things that fans will be interested to know is that Jane spent a lot of time with Danny the Street. In the comics, Cliff had helped Jane escape from shock therapy treatment in an alternate dimension after being sent there by The Candlemaker. In their escape, they decided to live on Danny the Planet, who had evolved from Danny the Street.

After Cliff left, eventually it was revealed that somehow Danny had been reduced to being just Danny the Brick. Jane took him with her and showed Danny the universe before someone used him to end a god.

1 Began A Cult

When Danny was used to take the life of a space god, the event caused a new personality within Jane to emerge. This mysterious new personality takes it upon themselves to start a cult, gaining sixty-three members so that the other sixty-three personalities of Kay can be transferred to these cultists.

The personality then hopes to end the lives of these cultists after the process, making her the sole personality of Kay. However, the plan is foiled by the Doom Patrol, who help Kay to assert Jane back as the personality in charge. It’s then that Cliff helps her once more.

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