Doom: Annihilation Gets First-Look Photos Revealing Marines and Monsters

Since its announcement back in 2018, details about the Doom reboot have been slow to emerge. Finally, new images have surfaced, giving eager fans of the franchise a great first look at the monster and space marines that will appear in Universal's upcoming Doom: Annihilation.

The first image features a vicious looking creature dressed in a ruined white shirt and tie, presumably terrorizing the industrial facility he's in. It doesn't resemble anything from the video game series, though it could easily fit right in with some of the more horrifying monsters introduced throughout the series.

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The two other images feature several of the film's space marines, which are soldiers from the Union Aerospace Corporation. One of these individuals looks to be seconds away from being attacked by one of the demonic creatures they've been sent to fight.


Along with the title, the official synopsis for Doom: Annihilation has been provided, though it doesn't reveal as much as some fans might hope. The film will revolve around a group of space marines who have been sent to Mars to combat an invasion of demonic forces.

Doom: Annihilation will be the second film adaptation of the popular video game series from the '90s. The first was released in 2005 and opened to negative reviews from critics and audiences alike, who cited the violence, poor performances and screenplay as points of issue.

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Written and directed by Tony Giglio, Doom: Annihilation is slated for release in 2019. The film stars, Amy Manson as Joan Dark, Luke Allen-Gale as Bennett Stone as well as Nina Bergman and Dominic Mafham.

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