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Here is a collection of all the installments of our feature where we take a look at interesting responses that Mort Weisinger gave to readers of the Superman titles during the 1950s and 1960s when he was editor of the Superman line of comics...

1. We Get It, Krypton is an Element, Enough Already!

2. I Learned the Birds and the Bees From Mort Weisinger

3. Susan Anne Howalsky Is a Liar!

4. They Were Extras From a Cowboy Movie, Duh!

5. Did You Know That Everyone Has About 20 Doppelgangers?

6. Defending Superdickery

7. Superman Robots, Three Coats of Paint and a Risky Challenge to Mort!

9. Mort Would Sooner Lie About the Way the Death Penalty Works Than Concede a Mistake

10. Hey Kids, There Ain't No Santa Claus!

11. How Does Superman Avoid Crushing the People He Catches?

12. If Superman Spanked Lois Lane, Would It Send Her Traveling Through Time?

PREVIEW: Superman #7

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