Donny Cates' Years-Long Cosmic Marvel Storyline Culminates in December

Ever since making his Marvel debut in 2017, writer Donny Cates has steadily penned ambitious, critically acclaimed stories set in the cosmic side of the Marvel Universe, with all the plot threads poised to converge in an epic climax this December.

Ahead of the release of its December solicits, Marvel Comics has teased that Guardians of the Galaxy #12, by Cates and Cory Smith, will serve as a culmination to Cates' bestselling cosmic stories. The solicitation information and cover art by Geoff Shaw are below, with a mysterious figure in the foreground obscured:

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  • Written by DONNY CATES
  • Art by CORY SMITH & MORE
  • Cover by GEOFF SHAW
  • Thanos Wins…Cosmic Ghost Rider…The Death of the Inhumans…Silver Surfer: Black…Guardians of the Galaxy…It’s all been leading to this.

In 2017, Cates and Shaw crafted a terrifying confrontation between Thanos and an incarnation of himself from an alternate future in "Thanos Wins." Following the success of the story, fan-favorite character Cosmic Ghost Rider received his own miniseries by Cates and Dylan Burnett the following year in a freewheeling adventure setting a new status quo for the alternate future version of Frank Castle. Cates also launched the miniseries Death of the Inhumans with Ariel Olivetti, bringing the eponymous race to its lowest point before setting them up for a new beginning.

Currently, Cates has been penning the recent relaunch of the Guardians of the Galaxy, with art by Shaw and Smith, alongside the current miniseries Silver Surfer: Black, with art by Tradd Moore.

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Guardians of the Galaxy #12, by Donny Cates, Cory Smith and more, goes on sale in Dec. from Marvel Comics.

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