<i>Donnie Darko's</i> Richard Kelly Teams With Nic Cage For <i>Amicus</i>

Richard Kelly broke onto the scene with the ultra-odd, time-warped Donnie Darko, which he followed with Southland Tales and The Box, films many think are even stranger. He's also working on the upcoming Corpus Cristi, which is supposed to be a more traditional narrative. Variety reports he's also developing a true-crime legal drama called Amicus that will feature Nicolas Cage, an actor known for his own wild movies.

The story follows former Motown producer Lawrence Horn, who hired Detroit hitman James Perry to kill his quadriplegic son, wife and the boy's overnight nurse in an effort to get the boy's lawsuit-based trust. As it turned out, Perry used a book called Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors to do his work. After police discovered this, the victims' families filed a class-action lawsuit against the publisher. That's where Cage's character Rodney Smolla comes in as a First Amendment lawyer who helped with the case.

The film will focus on the 25 years that span the crime itself, the sentencing of Horn and Perry and the legal case with Smolla. That's an awful lot to pack into a movie, but Kelly's never been one to shy away from big projects.

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