Donnie Darko, Reservoir Dogs, Lord of the Rings Funkos Announced

Funko announced a massive amount of forthcoming toys at the London Toy Fair today. The toys range from their iconic Funko Pop! vinyls, to various action figures, Dorbz, key chains, and more. This post will cover all of the film-related Funko toys, which include "Lord of the Rings," "Star Wars," "Ghost in the Shell," "Reservoir Dogs," "Space Jam," and more.

Funko released detailed images of the new figures on their blog. Some are still considered concept art for the toys, others are final designs. The exact release dates for these toys will be announced later -- for now, feast your eyes on Funko's 2017 movie toy collection.

Funko's 2017 Movie Collection

"Donnie Darko"

While these may not be the best toys to give a child on Easter (because of scary Frank,) they will be perfect for any fans of the 2001 cult-classic film "Donnie Darko." Two Dorbz will be released in this collection: Jake Gyllenhaal's main character, Donnie, and the mysterious bunny Frank.

"Reservoir Dogs"

Funko released the concept art for three Reservoir Dogs Funko Pop!s today: Mr. Blonde, Mr. Pink, and Mr. White. All three Pop!s will be released this year. The Pop!s bear a striking resemblance to the actors that portrayed these characters, Michael Madsen, Steve Buscemi, and Harvey Keitel, respectively.

"Ghost in the Shell"

In preparation for Paramount's upcoming film "The Ghost in the Shell," Funko has announced three official Pop!s for the film: Major, Batou, and Geisha. The Major Pop! features Scarlett Johansson's character in the white outfit from the "Ghost in the Shell" trailer. Pilou Asbaek's Batou is fully suited up, rocking two guns and some black knuckle tats. The Geisha is ornately designed, dressed in the traditional geisha ensemble. So far these are the first figures announced from the film.

"Lord of the Rings"

Considering Funko was not the giant Pop! distributor that they are today back when the original "Lord of the Rings" trilogy hit theaters, its refreshing to see such iconic fan franchises revived in Pop form. The "Lord of the Rings" collection includes: Frodo Baggins (visible, ring-enchanted, and invisible,) Samwise Gamgee, Gandalf, Saruman, a Nazgul, a ringwraith, and a giant Balrog.

The concept art for these figure reveals the highly detailed and various styles of the Pop!s as well as the key chains. There are three versions of Frodo Baggins: Frodo with an Elven cloak and his short sword Sting, Frodo with white eyes and the Light of Earendil, and invisible Frodo who is holding the one ring. Samwise is also fit with an Elven Cloak and Galadriel's powerful light. Gandalf is brandishing both staff and sword, likely from his the battle with the Balrog. Saruman is holding his wizard's staff and the seeing-stone Palantir. The Nazgul is cloaked in black while the ringwraith is transparent and ghostly. There is also a Balrog included in the collection, which will be a 6" Pop!.

"Star Wars"

Funko, who already has dozens of "Star Wars" Funko Pop!s in circulation, announced a new line of "Star Wars" MyMoji toys today. MyMoji toys are small characters with different "emoji" facial expressions. The toys usually come in blind grab bags. The "Star Wars" collection includes eight characters: Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Darth Vader, Jabba the Hutt, Yoda, Chewbacca, a Wampa and an Ewok.

Each character comes with three different facial expressions: happy/smiling, sad/frowning, and elated/big grin. That means that there are 24 different types of characters you could pull from a blind "Star Wars" MyMoji bag.

"Space Jam"

With a "Space Jam" revival in the works, now is the perfect time for some "Space Jam" Pop!s. Funko released the final designs for five Pop!s today: Bugs Bunny, two Tazmanian Devils, Marvin the Martian, Swackhammer, and M3, the blue Monstar.

Bugs Bunny is wearing his ToonSquad uniform and holding a basketball. Tazmanian Devil number one is wearing his Taz uniform and holding a basketball, while Tazmanian Devil number 2, "Chase" is wearing the same, plus a toothy grin. Referee Marvin the Martin is in his game uniform and blowing his whistle. The villainous Mr. Swackhammer is wearing a purple suit and smiling with a nefarious grin. The only Monstar in the collection is M3, who looks significantly taller than the other Pop!s.

Disney & Pixar

When it comes to Pixar and Disney, Funko has a nearly unlimited source of characters from which to design toys. While their Pop! and Dorbz lines already include many of the Disney princess, their 2017 line will include Pop!s for "Ratatouille," Dorbz for "Inside Out," and Pint Sized Heroes for over 12 characters.

The "Ratatouille" Pop!s will include little chef Remy, his human friend Alfredo Linguini, and his brother Emile. The "Inside Out" Dorbz will include Joy and Sadness. The Pint Sized Heroes will include Belle, Beast, Ursula, Mickey, Minnie, Ariel, Buzz Lightyear, Baloo, King Louie, Mowgli, and Emperor Zurg.

"Captain Underpants"

Just in time for the 2017 release of the film, Funko has released concept art for two "Captain Underpants" Pop!s: Captain Underpants and Professor Poopypants. The Dreamworks-animated film will hit theaters June 2, 2017.

Stay tuned for Funko's announcement regarding release dates and retailers for these toys.

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