"Done To Death" Lives On At Markosia This Summer

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Andrew Foley and Fiona Staples' satirical vampire epic finds home at UK Publisher.

Markosia Enterprises owner Harry Markos today announced the latest addition to his company's roster of titles: the five-issue limited series DONE TO DEATH, by Andrew Foley and Fiona Staples. "Markosia is always looking for entertaining, cutting-edge material, and DONE TO DEATH is entertaining, edgy, and certainly cutting."

Foley, writer of the critically acclaimed graphic novel PARTING WAYS, expanded on Markos' comments. "DONE TO DEATH is the vampire story for people who hate vampire stories. I want to put a stake through the heart of the whole bloody genre; if I have my way, this will be the last vampire story ever told. If it isn't, I'll settle for making it as funny and depraved as I can manage, and ride Fiona's coattails to fame and fortune."(Laughs)

DONE TO DEATH's story revolves around a trio of characters. Shannon Wade is a serial-killing editor who hates vampire stories. Andy's a real-life vampire who hates authors that write vampire stories. Shelley DeMornay is the author of a series of very popular vampire novels. When the three of them collide, Foley promises the results will be equal parts humourous and horrific.

Art on the full-colour series will handled by relative newcomer Fiona Staples, who first appeared on the comics scene when her 24 Hour Comic story, "Amphibious Nightmare" was selected from over 800 submissions to appear in About Comics' "24-Hour Comics Day Highlights 2005". Said Markosia Director of North American Operations Chuck Satterlee, "Fiona's an amazing artist who'll go as far as she wants in the comic industry."

Harry Markos, Markosia's Managing Director, had this to say, "We at Markosia consider ourselves very fortunate to be working with an artist of her calibre on a project worthy of her talents."

DONE TO DEATH #1 will be on comic retailer and bookstore shelves in July, 2005. For more information, please visit the DONE TO DEATH Forum at the Markosia Publishing Messageboards, and look. www.markosia.com

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