Donald Trump spills his secret identity: 'I am Batman'

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has billions of dollars, a customized helicopter and jet, and an affinity for emblazoning his logo on any flat surface, but over the weekend he demonstrated he's no Bruce Wayne.

While appearing Saturday at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines, Trump revealed his secret identity -- an amateur move. It wasn't the $7 million helicopter with 'TRUMP" plastered on the side that gave it away, or the red ball cap with "MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN," but rather the candidate himself: He confessed to being Batman.

Following through on a promise, the reality-TV star turned 2016 Republican frontrunner offered children rides in his swanky helicopter. During one of the trips, one 9-year-old passenger asked, "Mr. Trump, are you Batman?" Without hesitation, Trump replied, "I am Batman."

Clearly the Dark Knight's rogues gallery has been taking the wrong approach for the past 75 years. If they wanted to know Batman's identity, all they had to do was ask.

Trump's response naturally spawned a biting and hilarious #BatTrump meme and a BatTrump Twitter account ("I am not the president the U.S. needs. I am the president it fucking deserves.").

"I Am Batman" @realDonaldTrump @heytana @jimmyfallon @jimmykimmel pic.twitter.com/k9H42oXedj

— Monte D. Goodyk (@thefullmonte) August 16, 2015

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