Donald Duck Celebrates 82nd Birthday with Hulk-like Makeover

In honor of Donald Duck's 82nd birthday, Disney Channel gives the doggone it duck a makeover he won't forget in their new animated short, "Split Decisions."

The short casts "a spotlight on all we've come to love about Donald, as Mickey tries to help his friend work out his anger issues," Paul Rudish, the supervising director of the Emmy Award-winning "Mickey Mouse" shorts told Entertainment Weekly. The veteran animator is "trying to stay true to the spirit" of the original black-and-white cartoons of "Mickey Mouse," which for many fans is exploring the rivalry between Mickey and Donald.

In this particular short, fans are treated to an alternative version of Donald, one in which he has, technically, no rage issues left. Unless, of course, you don't notice the giant, Hulk-like monster the pair accidentally create in the process of taming the sassy duck.

Fans can celebrate Donald Duck's birthday Thursday, June 9 when the new "Mickey Mouse" short airs on the Disney Channel.

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