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Donal Logue Brings ‘Shocking Level of Violence’ to Sons of Anarchy

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Donal Logue Brings ‘Shocking Level of Violence’ to <i>Sons of Anarchy</i>

Just when SAMCRO didn’t seem like it could handle any more enemies, a new threat has headed to Charming, California. Fans first met Donal Logue’s Lee Toric during last week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy, but during Tuesday’s “Darthy” he showed his true colors. Confronting Tara for the death of his sister (played by Logue’s real-life sister Karina), the nurse Otto killed with the crucifix Tara brought for him, Toric threatened her and hers for the part she played in the murder.

Following “Darthy,” Spinoff Online participated in a conference call with Logue where he discussed Toric’s mentality and teased whether he’ll live through Sons‘s 90-minute season finale next week. Judging by his response, Toric could be around for a while.

“I think it’s fair to say that whatever he’s got to do might take a while to do,” Logue said. “I think Lee Toric is a pretty significant threat to these guys. I’m implying that it could go somewhere deeper and further.”

Fans so far have been concerned by Toric, with some trying to get Logue to say whether he plans to kill Tara and Jax’s two children. But while Logue understands where those people are coming from, he also thinks Toric is totally justified in his need for revenge.

“Everyone’s like, ‘This guy’s so bad.’ This guy’s sister was brutally murdered by an outlaw organization that engages in illegal activities,” he said. “I get it. I root for the underdog, and I understand where the antihero stuff comes [from], but I think Lee Toric’s game is, ‘I understand. You want to say in our world these things happen, and this is part of the game, and there’s collateral damage.’ I’m going to bring a shocking level of violence to you to show you that your perspective and perception of what is right and wrong is wrong. It’s a really powerful moral stance.”

He later added, “I’m not a jerk for being intense about someone smuggling a murder weapon in to kill my sister. I’d probably be a jerk if I was nonplussed about it. It’s kind of Outlaw Josey Wales-style — you picked the wrong person. … If you mess with someone, you always take that risk that they have a family and they have people who are vengefully minded.”

Logue describes Toric as a Harvard-educated Special Forces operative who became a “roguish” U.S. marshal, and completely unlike anyone SAMCRO has faced in the past. Because he’s as skilled as they are, Logue said Toric is especially dangerous, and “that’s fun to play.”

“What I love about it is I have a feeling with this guy that, even in the scene with Tara where she’s tough, she’s been playing this game for years, he’s been playing this game for decades and it’s like, ‘I think you’ve seen some stuff. I’ve seen bodies hanging from bridges,'” Logue explained. “This is the world I come from, and I’ve been doing it for a long time, so go plot, go spin, go try and figure out what I’m up to, but I’m five steps ahead of you.”

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has been trying to find a role for Logue on the hit FX drama for years, but it’s never worked out until now because “he would have a conversation with me like 42 seconds after I had committed to doing another pilot,” Logue explained.

“I just basically couldn’t join, and not for lack of Kurt trying to get me on,” he said. “This year, finally, we had a meeting and he said, ‘I think I have an idea.’L

It sounds like Toric won’t be one of the men to go down in the Season 5 finale, but that episode still should be a bloodbath.

“The finale is action-packed,” he said. “I was there at the read-through and around for some of the filming. My trajectory’s a little different than that. Some scary stuff goes on. I think in this instance I’ll have to say you’ll have to tell people they’ll have to watch.”

Sons of Anarchy airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on FX.

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