Don McGregor needs your help

Clifford Meth passes along word that, because of family medical expenses, former Killraven and Black Panther writer Don McGregor has been forced to auction his collection of art from comics he wrote.

"I won't allow art dealers to steal these from him," Meth writes. "And I am not expert enough, despite the posturing, to know what these pieces are really worth. So here's the deal: Some friends of mine and I are bidding on Don's art while spreading the word far and wide. We are hoping you'll beat our bids because we want Don to get top dollar."

A rundown of the art, by such creators as Rich Buckler, Gene Colan and Marshall Rogers, can be found here. Bids are being accepted on McGregor's Facebook page until "Don says, 'I'll take it!'" Meth also asks for any artists interested in helping to make "small drawings" of characters that McGregor worked on. "I'll be the first bidder and I'll bid generously... and I expect others to do the same."

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