Domino Will Join Marvel's Avengers For the First Time

X-Force Deadliest Domino

Domino is joining the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Marvel editor Jordan D. White tweeted a panel this morning in which the fan-favorite mutant muses to herself, "Finally, I'm an Avenger."

The current lineup of Marvel Comics' Avengers team is comparably slim, but it’s about to have an open spot. With Doctor Strange making his way into space, he was never going to be able to commit full time, something writer Jason Aaron has always made clear. The team’s sixth spot has been said to rotate characters out every couple of issues, so this could be how Domino joins the team.

Domino's profile has been increased dramatically by the box-office success of Deadpool 2, in which she's portrayed by Zazie Beetz. In addition to joining Marvel's Avengers, the character also headlines her own solo comic and is a member of the Weapon X group.

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Introduced in 1992 by Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, Domino has the mutant ability to subconsciously manipulate probability in her favor. She’s always lucky, and uses that to get out of plenty of sticky situations without even trying. Domino won’t be the first mutant to join the prestige hero team, but next to Deadpool, she’ll certainly be one of the oddest additions to the Avengers.

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