Dominic Purcell Suffers Injury on 'Prison Break' Revival Set

"Legends of Tomorrow" star Dominic Purcell was seriously injured on the Morocco set of FOX's upcoming "Prison Break" series when a dislodged set piece fell on his head during filming. The actor, who starred on the original "Prison Break" with Wentworth Miller, suffered a broken nose and head injury.

According to Deadline, production will not be impacted Purcell's injury, though the actor will be "sidelined" while his injuries heal and filming resumes around him. None of Purcell's planned scenes will be cut from the final version of the event series.

A 20th Century Fox spokesman told the site, "Our friend and colleague Dominic Purcell was injured earlier this week during the filming of our event series 'Prison Break,' and was flown to a medical facility where he received treatment...We are happy to report that he is in great spirits and is expected to make a full recovery. He wanted us to express his appreciation to the fans around the world who have expressed their concern and support, and to reassure them that he will be back at work very soon."

Purcell wrote the following in an Instagram post, which shared a photo of his injuries: "Pays to have a thick skull when an iron bar falls on your head!! busting it open severely, also broke my nose in two places...and a hundred stitches in my head...Stoked to be alive. All good...Doc said I have an unusually tough tissue fiber that’s what saved me apparently."

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The "Prison Break" event series is set to air in Spring on FOX.

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