Dominic Cooper Would Love to Play Howard Stark Again If "Agent Carter" was Revived

As the news of "Agent Carter's" cancellation begins to sink in, the cast of the series is starting to share their thoughts on the future of the show. While actress Lotte Verbeek is "sorry" that the show was cancelled, Dominic Cooper is both remorseful over the cancellation and hopeful it will get a second chance on Netflix or Amazon.

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During a panel at MCM London Comic Con, Cooper was asked if he would like to see "Agent Carter" move over to a streaming site. Fan support of this move has been very popular, as a petition for Netflix to save "Agent Carter" has already gained over 113,000 supporters in just two weeks. "There may be more story to tell and what's wonderful about streaming sites is that while it may have been the end of the road, now there's hope that it might not be."

Cooper also said that he's talked to both Hayley Atwell and James D'Arcy about the cancellation and that they are both in awe of the fan support to see the show picked up. "I know James and Haley, the fact that people have gotten behind it and want to see it return means a huge amount to them."

Cooper's character Howard Stark is much like Peggy Carter in that they have both have been featured in multiple Marvel shows and films. There's always a possibility of featuring "Agent Carter" characters in flashbacks on "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." or in future Marvel films, if the storytelling allows for it. "I'm well up for doing more Howard Stark and I know they're up for doing more of their characters, so fingers crossed."

Cooper can currently be seen playing another comic book character, Jesse Custer, on AMC's "Preacher."

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