Dolph Lundgren to Guest Star on "Arrow"

Action movie icon Dolph Lundgren will go a few rounds with Oliver Queen in the upcoming fifth season of "Arrow."

Showrunner Wendy Mericle announced today at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour that the "Rocky IV" and "Expendables" actor will appear as a villain in the CW drama's Russia flashbacks.

"He is somebody we heard about in Season 4," she told Entertainment Weekly following the panel. "Kovar. We are going to bring him in and he's going to be this super big badass guy who works for the Russian government, and is not a friend of Oliver or the Bratva. It's part of Oliver's promise to Taiana at the end of Season 4 and it's going to be interesting because it's going to get complicated and very messed up very fast."

He also shares a last name with Leonid Kovar, the DC Comics character better known as Red Star. Coincidence? Perhaps. Although Red Star is a superhero, he too worked for the Russian government before joining the Teen Titans.

Lundgren slips in under the line, as Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed this will mark the final season for flashbacks.

"We always said that Oliver had a five-year journey when he was marooned on the [island]," he said. "This year, Oliver spends his time in the flashbacks in Russia. We know from various seeds we planted back in the pilot that he knows how to speak Russian, he became a Bratva captain. Sort of the flashback story in the first half of the year is going to involve Oliver's introduction into the Bratva."

"Arrow" returns Wednesday, Oct. 5, on The CW.

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