<i>Dollhouse</i> And <i>Heroes</i> Vets Find <i>Eden</i>

It was only a matter of time before Dollhouse actor Enver Gjokaj found himself a new leading man role. Gjokaj, who brilliantly played a wide range of personalities as Victor in the Joss Whedon-created series, is all set for the co-starring lead in Eden, a new pilot for the USA network.

Deadline reports that Gjokaj is on tap for the project alongside Nick D'Agosto, who played flyboy West in the second season of Heroes. Gjokaj and D'Agosto would co-star as two cousins — one of them a young hotel worker (D'Agosto) and the other an escaped con artist (Gjokaj) — as they land jobs working at an elite New York City hotel. There, the two join forces to provide their guests with "whatever they desire, no matter the cost."

Jace Alexander is directing the pilot, which emulates the two-male lead setup seen in other USA shows such as Psych and White Collar.

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