'Doll and Creature' debuts in October from AiT/PlanetLar

Official Press Release

[Doll and Creature]SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (July 23, 2002) Publisher Larry Young announced today that AiT/Planet Lar's upcoming October offerings will include DOLL AND CREATURE, by writer Rick Remender, penciller John Heebink, and inker Mike Manley. Fan favorite Dan Brereton paints a lush and evocative cover for the 96 page Original Graphic Novel.

"John's been a pal of mine for a while, and we worked together on 'The Bod' for DOUBLE IMAGE last year," said Young. "I'd go over to the studio he shared with Kieron Dwyer and Rick Remender to soak up the creative energies and ogle the pages of BLACK HEART BILLY that Kieron and Rick were laboring on for our August release. One day, I saw John laying out pages for DOLL AND CREATURE, and once I read what Rick had in mind for the story, I pretty much insisted that we publish it as an original graphic novel."

The guys were OK with that. "I feel that we're firing on all cylinders with this one. Heebink and Manley are turning in the best work of their lives. Having all of the noir-monster grit in my script brought to life by those two is a thrill. I created a fairly complex cast of characters and a very specific world for this story and can't imagine any other team pulling it off as well," says Remender. "I'm incredibly pleased with what I've done in this script. It's given me an opportunity to not only write monster-noir, but to play with a politically polarized world where I could bring to light many of our current social hypocrises."

"I love Rick," says Heebink, "but it wasn't the easiest collaboration. Rick had to wait months and months for me to clear other projects, and once we were into it, we'd argue about story points. But working with Rick spurred me to do the best art I've done. He praised my strengths and rode me to eliminate the lame stuff. This is the only job where I've had days in a row of drawing with confidence and actual enjoyment. I'd work with Rick again in a heartbeat."

While showcasing the India ink stylings of Mike Manley and sporting the Dan Brereton cover, DOLL AND CREATURE will also have a short story by Remender and MONOLITH's Scott Cohn, as well as pinups of the characters by industry luminaries.

DOLL AND CREATURE is a black and white original graphic novel, retailing for $12.95 and will be in comic book specialty shops October 16th.

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