"Dogwitch" Creator Debuts "Indigo Vertigo" at Image

Official Press Release

BERKELEY, CA -- 25 May, 2005 -- Dan Schaffer, creator/writer/artist of DOGWITCH, brings his new book INDIGO VERTIGO to Image Comics. The book, which Schaffer is illustrating, is a collaboration with Katiejane Garside, the front woman for the UK rock band, Queenadreena.

INDIGO VERTIGO was conceived by Garside and Schaffer, and the story explores the psychological breakdown and breakthrough of a single character through a sequence of hallucinatory scenes. Garside's brutal and visceral lyrical talents are translated into intense symbolism and explicit imagery in fully painted and digital art by Schaffer.

"It's not a book that gives you all the answers on a plate. You're going to have to use a couple of brain cells," says Schaffer. "I genuinely can't think of anything out there that I can compare it with. It's not one for the kids."

"Katiejane's approach to the construction of a graphic novella defies all established rules, and the result is a book unlike anything currently found in western comics," continues Schaffer. "Instigating a violent but intuitive creative process, she manipulates and tangles words and images into a powerful multi-layered vision. It's a graphic book designed to communicate on a number of different levels. Katiejane's words are hypnotic and they cut to the bone, but they're always in motion, the meanings varying with each reading."

As the frontwoman for Queenadreena, Katiejane merges nursery rhyme angst with vicious and tense raw noise – she is the proverbial damaged child poet, squirming and screaming love and defiance through chainsaw guitar riffs and tribal drums at the cutting edge of UK punk, goth and hardcore.

Along with co-creator/illustrator Dan Schaffer, INDIGO VERTIGO translates Katijane's richly layered text into fully painted and digital, black & white art. Dan has reinvented his style to complement Katijane's organic and fragmented writing, and his panel designs literally bleed her words onto the page.

INDIGO VERTIGO (JUN051755) is a 48-page black and white original graphic novel due in stores August 17th for $5.95.

The new QUEENADREENA album, The Butcher and the Butterfly, is available now in the UK and will be released in the US on September 13th on One Little Indian records.

For more information on INDIGO VERTIGO, visit Dan Schaffer's website @ www.danielschaffer.com and

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