Dogma: Kevin Smith Shares New BTS Photos for 20th Anniversary

Kevin Smith celebrated the 20th anniversary of one of his most star-studded films, Dogma, by sharing several behind-the-scenes photos from the production.

"In 1999, Linda [Fiorentino] always had a 35mm camera on hand to capture candid moments on the movie!" Smith wrote on Facebook. "So in the first photo, you can see me in director mode with @jaymewes, @benaffleck, #mattdamon, @chrisrock and the late, great #georgecarlin! In pic 2, #benaffleck earns his wings! And in the third pic, it’s me and an 8 month pregnant @jenschwalbach in #cannes, with an unseen stowaway: the future Miss @harleyquinnsmith! I’m so thankful to the legendary #thelastseduction star for shooting and sending these images - proof that I once had enough juice as a filmmaker to pull an all-star cast! But the true treasure is Linda - who not only worked so hard to make Bethany believable, she also spent some time preserving moments that would’ve been lost in time!"

My 4th film DOGMA was released 20 years ago today! And Bethany herself - Dogma’s leading lady #lindafiorentino - just...

Posted by Kevin Smith on Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Dogma centers on two fallen angels trying to exploit a loophole in the rules of Catholicism to bring about the end of days. Upon its release, the Catholic League denounced the film as blasphemy and Smith received numerous death threats, which he's recounted in his many stand-up appearances over the past two decades. The film ends with God saving the world, but in the world of Dogma, God is Alanis Morisette.

Smith's latest film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, also stars Jason Mewes along with appearances by Jason Lee, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Brian O'Halloran, Val Kilmer, Melissa Benoist, Jason Biggs and Fred Armisen.

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