Does Venom Like Eating People or Is He Compelled to Eat People?

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Reader Easton P. wrote in to ask, "I saw a few of your posts and saw to email you with questions so, Hey, I was wondering if you knew, in comics I’ve never really thought about it but after watching the venom movie I was wondering, does venom HAVE to eat people? Will he die if he doesn’t? Or is it just a preference? "

Man, people really do seem to be interested in Venom and the whole eating people thing, huh? I've already addressed whether Venom literally has eaten a brain or not. I've also addressed what, precisely, happens when Venom eats someone. Well, now we have whether he eats people because he likes it or whether he has to.

The answer, like most things in this world, is a bit complicated.

The short answer is generally speaking, he is compelled to do so.

As I've noted a few times in these questions, in the early appearances by Venom, he just told people constantly that he wanted to eat their brains but he didn't actually do it. It was just a bluff, ya know?

Everything changed when Venom discovered that they actually had a specific desire for brains in Venom: The Hunger #1 (by Len Kaminski, Ted Halsted and Scott Koblish), he was disgusted...

Eddie Brock was separated from the Venom symbiote and he was thrown into a asylum. While he was trapped there, he still had his connection to the symbiote, which was killing people and eating their brains...

In the end, he reveals that the symbiote had an addiction to a chemical that was found in the human brain. The symbiote, thus, had a compulsion to get that chemical any way that it could, including sucking it out of a person's brain...

However, the key thing is that it was the chemical that he wanted, not the brains themselves. Therefore, when Eddie Brock figured out that the same chemical could be found in chocolate, he began feeding the symbiote chocolate regularly and that solved that particular compulsion...

So yeah, in one very specific context, Venom is compelled to eat brains. So is that the answer?

In a way.

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