Does Us Have a Post-Credits Scene - And Is It Part Of Get Out's Universe?

You can never be too careful these days when it comes to finding out which major movies contain some sort of bonus scene during or after the credits. Audiences that grew up with Pixar's credits gags and have grown accustomed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe's teases of future movies know that you never, ever leave until the theater lights come up.

Of course, Jordan Peele's Us is not a comedy, so a gag credit scene wouldn't make sense. There have been some questions, however, about whether Us is part of a shared cinematic universe with Get Out. Many who viewed the trailer speculated as such, which Peele addressed in an interview with The Guardian by stating, “Without answering directly if they’re in the same universe, I will say that, yes, I consider this part of the same project.”

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Remember how Split, sold as its own stand-alone movie, surprised everyone by connecting to M. Night Shyamalan's older film Unbreakable. Considering Peele told Rolling Stone that he studied Unbreakable as a model of how to follow up an unexpected hit early in one's career, and that both Split and Us are major releases from Blumhouse, it wasn't unimaginable Us could contain a similar end credits scene.

That said, Us does not contain any mid-credits or post-credits scenes.

Frankly, it's a good thing it doesn't. Without spoiling anything, the film's final shots before the credits role are about as perfect a provocation as one could imagine. Throwing some additional scene in for the sake of a sequel tease, a cheap laugh or an unnecessary elaboration wouldn't frankly hurt the film's impact.

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If Us is in fact the continuation of a cinematic universe started in Get Out, it would seem the model is less like the MCU or Shyamalan's Unbreakable/Split/Glass universe, and more like the universe of Quentin Tarantino's films, which were also cited as an influence in Jordan Peele's Rolling Stone profile. All of Tarantino's movies share connections, but those connections are in the form of theoretical backstory and a few Easter eggs rather than a direct MCU-style through line.

Of course, sitting through the credits of Us does give one time to collect one's thoughts after the intensity of the film. From reading them, you can also learn some neat bits of trivia, like the names of the various Tethered characters and some unexpected "thanks" credits to other major filmmakers.

In theaters now, Us is written, directed and produced by Jordan Peele. The film stars Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, Elisabeth Moss, Anna Diop, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Kara Hayward, Tim Heidecker and Shahadi Wright Joseph.

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