Does Hobbs & Shaw's Villain Connect Fast & Furious to the Alien Franchise?

Hobbs & Shaw takes the Fast & Furious universe into a completely absurd direction. The film franchise that began with DVD players being stolen on Californian highways has since morphed into one of the most over the top series of action movies ever produced.

Given that long-time Fast & Furious writer, Chris Morgan hasn't ruled out the possibility of the series heading to space, a subtle reference to the Alien franchise that may have been included in Hobbs & Shaw could be seen as a further hint at this future.

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Played by Idris Elba, Brixton is the primary antagonist of Hobbs & Shaw. Working for the mysterious organization known as Eteon, Brixton is a former MI6 operative who has turned rogue. Trying to help Eteon bring down the current culture so a new one can rise up in its place, Brixton wears a black leather suit that lacks much in the way of designating imagery.

However, there's a tiny piece of his suit that is a very specific marker. A small silver symbol seems to be sewn into the right collarbone of the costume: three gray triangles, which may combine to form a W. This is a strikingly similar to the logo for the Weyland-Yutani company from the Alien franchise. And, more than just being a subtle nod to another major movie property, it actually fits within the setup for the future of Hobbs & Shaw.


The Weyland-Yutani Corporation is the seemingly malevolent organization that has fueled much of the conflict within the Alien universe. The company engineers spaceships, making it crucial to the exploration of space and at the center of Alien's overarching story. It's also always interested in developing new methods of controlling life, leading to the construction of robots for assistive positions. It's also why the company is so obsessed with finding viable xenomorphs to study, leading to multiple catastrophes.

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Brixton wearing the insignia could be a sly allusion to actor Idris Elba's part in the series. Elba previously appeared in Prometheus as Captain Janek. He's part of the crew of a Weyland-Yutani ship called the Prometheus, sent to explore the possible origins of life in a distant part of the universe. Given recent comments by the film's writer, the "W" sign could be a portent for the future of the series, or -- despite the Alien series owned by a different studio to Hobbs & Shaw -- it could simply be an allusion to Elba's past role.


At this point, it's not a question of whether or not the Fast & Furious will go to space, but a question of when. But the possible reference to Alien in Hobbs & Shaw could be a clue that the producers have already began planning to head in that direction. Could a company with the power and questionable motives of Weyland-Yutani even be the secret identity of the mysterious Eteon group?

Hobbs & Shaw, like the rest of the Fast & Furious franchise, is owned by Universal. Meanwhile, Disney gained the rights to the Aliens films when it completed its merger with 20th Century Fox earlier this year. But while this could just be a fun shoutout to another movie by star, Idris Elba, as well as a classic sci-fi series, it could still be a sly attempt to connect the earth-bound action series to a sci-fi action one. Plus, now that we've seen Hobbs and Shaw battle an actual cyborg, interstellar travel and the existence of aliens doesn't seem a million miles away anymore for the Fast & Furious. And besides, who doesn't want to see Dwayne Johnson fist-fight some xenomorphs?

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