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Does Greg Berlanti’s New TV Deal Mean More DC Shows?

by  in Comic News, TV News Comment
Does Greg Berlanti’s New TV Deal Mean More DC Shows?

Here’s a piece of entirely wild, utterly uninformed speculation: I think we’re going to see some more movement for television shows based upon DC Comics properties very soon. Why, you wonder? Well, I’m glad you asked. Let me share my suspicions below the fold.

Last year’s formation of DC Entertainment was, in large part, to push DC properties towards the movie screen – Something that the trailers for Green Lantern, along with the Chris Nolan-produced The Dark Knight Rises and unnamed Superman movie, not to mention the in-development Flash movie, show as being a fairly successful move. But it wasn’t just about movies; other media were on the table too, and there’s been a quiet amount of movement the small screen, as well; everyone knows about David Kelley’s apparently-being-reworked-thank-God Wonder Woman pilot at NBC, but the CW is developing a Raven series as a potential Smallville replacement, and we’ve had two seasons for Human Target on Fox now (Also, does anyone remember that screen test for a Blue Beetle show? Whatever happened to that?).

With Jeph Loeb taking up residency at Marvel TV last year, I’ve long wondered whether television would be the new battleground between Marvel and DC. Yes, DC is there first, but Marvel’s luring Battlestar Galactica producer David Eick and Guillermo del Toro onboard the new Hulk show felt like it was raising the bar considerably above where Smallville and Human Target were comfortably, entertainably, relaxing, and let’s be honest, David E. Kelley doesn’t really have the same kind of cache as del Toro, no matter how much you might have liked Ally McBeal at the time.

But then I see this news today: Producer Greg Berlanti is released early from his ABC Studios contract for a four-year deal with Warner Bros. TV. That would be Greg Berlanti, writer of both Green Lantern and The Flash. That would be Warner Bros., parent company of DC Entertainment. I think you see where I’m going with this.

Like I said, it’s entirely idle speculation, with nothing to back it up. But he clearly knows the DC Comics characters, has a relationship with DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns through his work on Lantern and Flash and has a background in superheroic television – He co-created No Ordinary Family for ABC during his tenure there. I’m not saying that he’s going to become DC’s Jeph Loeb – I don’t think that he necessarily wants to put all of his eggs in that basket, especially if Deadline’s idea of his wanting to do comedy is correct – but I can’t help but wonder if one of the deciders in Warners making what is reported to be a massive deal on the level of those made with JJ Abrams and Chuck Lorre is that he’ll come in and help raise DC’s television presence to a level closer to what Marvel is already approaching…

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