Does Finch's Dark Nights: Metal Variant Reveal A Dark Multiverse Superman?

A new variant cover for Dark Nights: Metal #3 by David Finch might hint at the appearance of Dark Multiverse versions of Superman and Cyborg.

Finch's cover -- created exclusively for Via Bulletproof Comix -- depicts a darker version of the Man of Steel, one decked out in spiked armor and a skull belt. This new costume almost seems to render the Man of Steel in the style of Todd McFarlane's Spawn. There's also an evil-looking Cyborg with a skull-shaped body in the background. The two stand on a pile of skulls and chains, perfect for a comic book titled Metal.

Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have turned Batman metal by introducing introducing several twisted nightmare versions of the Caped Crusader called the Dark Knights. Each Batman hails from a different twisted world inside the Dark Multiverse, but we may see other heroes emerge as well.

Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman were last seen in Dark Nights: Metal #2, where all three seemed to be pulled into the Dark Multiverse just as Barbatos had managed to emerge from it. Artist Gabriele Dell'Otto already provided variant covers depicting a dark version of Batman for the first issue, and a dark version of Wonder Woman for issue #2.

Dark Nights: Metal #3 will be available on October 11, and solicitations seem to involve Superman:

Superman is pulled into the mystery of the Dark Multiverse while the Justice League follows the trail to a weapon that could keep the forces of the Dark Multiverse at bay!

Will we see our heroes inside the Dark Multiverse, and will they be affected by these dark worlds, or is this a new version of Superman we have never seen before?

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