Does Black Panther's "Civil War II" Teaser Spell Trouble for Iron Man?

"Protect the future. Change the future," declares the newest teaser image for Marvel Comics' "Civil War II" event.

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Debuting via ComicBook, the image, illustrated by artist Phil Noto, shows Wakanda's ruler, the Black Panther, standing among some smoking wreckage with a left eye that looks suspiciously like a piece of Tony Stark's armor.

Will Iron Man and the Black Panther may find themselves facing each other in the upcoming clash. Or will they'll team up and share technological secrets?

"Civil War II" #0 will arrive in May from writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Olivier Coipel; the cover for that issue has been revealed. It's also known that the death of a major superhero will spur the events of "Civil War II." "Civil War II" #1, also written by Bendis and featuring the art from David Marquez, arrives in June.

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