Documentary Reveals the Process of Creativity Through Comic Books

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The question most regularly asked of any creative professional is "Where do you get your ideas?" People are eager to participate in the process of artistic invention and imaginative expression, yet many seem to believe there is some magic involved. In the new documentary "Independents" it is revealed that all one needs is patience, persistence, a pencil, and a piece of paper. The director, Chris Brandt, examines the creative drive, through interviews with dozens of artists who have paved their own roads to success as self-published graphic novelists.

The graphic novel (or "comic book") has more critically recognized merit than ever before, but the only documentaries on the subject deal in detailed history and technical minutiae that are of interest solely to academics and aficionados. "Independents" instead focuses upon the motivation and passion of the individuals behind the work, and examines how their lives have been influenced and shaped by the lowest of the low brow arts.

"People should see this - and see it this year! It is excellent!" says Wendy Pini, creator of the Elfquest graphic novel series. "The liveliness of the animation keeps the pace rapid and keeps the laughs coming. It really is an extraordinarily moving and informative piece. Nothing like it, to my knowledge, has been done."

Interviewees include Craig Thompson (Blankets), Jessica Abel (Artbabe), Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics), Tony Millionaire (Maakies), Robert Williams (Zap), and Linda Medley (Castle Waiting), amongst many others. Their insights into what it takes to pursue the life of a creator, and to follow ones own definition of success, serve as an inspiration to aspiring artists and professional artists, alike; regardless of which medium they use to express themselves.

Distribution of "Independents" through Diamond Comics Distributor is pending review. In the meantime, interested parties may order copies directly from the filmmaker through the website: www.independentsdoc.com .

Chris Brandt has been involved in the comic book industry since 1995. His award winning short film, "Closing Time", was an official selection of several major film festivals in 2006, and featured in the IFC News Special "The Comic Con Chronicles". In 2004, his widely acclaimed viral video, "Dance, Voldo, Dance", garnered the attention of G4, MTV, and Microsoft.

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