<i>Doctor Who</i>'s Amy Pond Can't Stop Time Traveling

Even when Karen Gillen isn't traveling through space and time as Amy Pond in the BBC's Doctor Who, she can't quite bring herself to give up the temporal displacement. Her new gig? Playing a contemporary American stranded in Shakespearean England... literally.

Gillen will play a New Jersey teenager who finds herself trapped in what seems to be a real life version of Romeo and Juliet in new movie project Romeo and Brittany, due to shoot next year. Gillian Anderson will, in a surprisingly believable piece of casting, play Gillen's mother and the Nurse in 13th century Verona, as Gillen's Brittany realizes that she has the Juliet role, and has to escape before she dies at the end of the play.

Writer and director David Baddiel pitches the movie as "Shakespeare In Love meets Clueless," but it's borrowing its central "contemporary character ends up in fiction that she has read" conceit from a little-known British mini-series from 2008 called Lost in Austen. Wonder if the creator of that show will speak up before too long...

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