'Doctor Who' Will 'Absolutely' Have a Full Series 10, Moffat Confirms

Update: Executive Producer Steven Moffat has shot down the rumor, telling Radio Times, "We’re making a full series. I can confirm that." "I’m making a full series of 12 episodes, plus a Christmas special," he continued. "I don’t know when it goes out. That’s up to someone else. And even if I did know – which I genuinely don’t – I wouldn’t be allowed to say so as I have absolutely no say in it whatsoever. [But] it’s not being reduced in size. We’re not making fewer episodes. That’s all complete bunk. I can confirm that absolutely." The original story continues below.

According to The Mirror, "Doctor Who" season 10 will run for half its usual episodes as Peter Capaldi pursues other projects. Though the BBC looked to add additional installments to the show's regular 12-episode season, Capaldi wants time to work on directing a new project. As such, the show will reportedly run for six episodes plus the regular Christmas special.

“If you did the series all year there’d be casualties -- and one would be its quality,” Capaldi explained. "There’s a point where you can’t drive people any harder."

Capaldi is taking the time to direct a film based on his experiences as the lead singer and guitarist in the Glasgow punk band the Dreamboys, as well as two episodes of "Veep."

Despite this, showrunner Steven Moffat has confirmed "Peter is going nowhere."

Starring Capaldi, “Doctor Who” airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on BBC America.

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