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“Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor” #3 wraps up the introductory storyline to this series courtesy Nick Abadzis and Elena Casagrande, and at this point it’s safe to say that the book is moving in a good direction. The showdown between the Doctor, Gabby and the Cerebravores builds well on what was established up until now, and Gabby joining the Doctor at the end of the issue is a scene of particular note.

The way that the Cerebravores are defeated works in no small part because Abadzis carefully set it up over the previous two issues. What may have looked like background details come into play here, the plotting spooling out in just the right speed. Nothing was ever too blatant or in-your-face, but instead existed in the background until just the right moment. And while the Cerebravores themselves aren’t terribly exciting as villains, they certainly fulfilled their need as a villain to bring the Doctor and Gabby together.

Gabby in particular comes off well here; she’s not only likable but extremely capable. “Doctor Who” companions over the years have become much more important to the plots by being able to take command of the situation, and Gabby fits well into that mold. Most noteworthy here, though, was how Abadzis gives us the obligatory, “Take me with you” scene. Gabby’s plea to come on board the TARDIS because she wants to learn is a great one, not quite like ones we’ve had in recent times. It’s not merely a desire to see something new, it’s to take it all in and become a strong person in the process, thanks to Abadzis. It solidifies everything we’ve seen about Gabby up until now, and it makes you want to see her succeed.

Casagrande’s art continues to look good here. She’s strong with the likeness of David Tennant without him ever looking traced or lightboxed off of publicity stills. More importantly, everyone else looks good here, too. When Gabby says, “Teach me. Take me with you,” it’s Casagrave’s art that sells it as much as Abadzis’s script. Gabby’s face looks pleading yet eager, and the Doctor’s slightly stern expression shows the first signs of softening as she asks to come with him. By the end of the next page, as a little half-smile is creeping across his face as he admits that he likes Gabby, it’s hard to keep from feeling like you aren’t watching an episode of “Doctor Who” rather than reading a comic book.

“Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor” #3 puts the series in a good place going forward, one where fans should now be looking quite forward to what happens next. It’s a pleasant read, one that should please those who miss Tennant’s era as well as people just looking for another good “Doctor Who” story. That fits the bill for a “Doctor Who” ongoing comic quite nicely.