Doctor Who's Steven Moffat Reveals His Advice to His Successor


Longtime "Doctor Who" showrunner Steven Moffat will leave his job at the end of the year. After the broadcast of the upcoming tenth series and its following Christmas Special, he will be succeeded by fellow fan and "Doctor Who" writer Chris Chibnall. In a recent interview with WorldScreen.com, the current showrunner revealed some of the advice he shared with his successor.

"First of all, [Chris is] a very, very experienced showrunner himself, so he doesn’t need advice," Moffat said. "The advice I gave him, which I won’t share, was not about how to run 'Doctor Who' but how to have a life while you’re running 'Doctor Who.' The things you must make sure of. He’s a family man, like myself. You’ve got to make sure that you survive it! [Laughs] And the support you’re going to need and what it’s going to be like at 4 in the morning when you’re rewriting some other bastard’s script and not even putting your name on it. What that’s going to feel like. That is what I talked to him about."

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"[Chris] has his own ideas about how to do 'Doctor Who.' The advice I’ve given him is all prosaic and all quite, 'make sure this happens, make sure you get that and don’t let them do this.' I won’t tell you what those things were!" he added with a laugh. "But it’s really about, you’ve got to see your kids now and then. You’ve got to go home now and then. You’ve got to keep living. It is a monstrous workload, 'Doctor Who,' monstrous."

As for his future plans and whether or not they will involve running another show, Moffat was tight-lipped. "I’ve got one thing I’m quite excited about. I can’t talk about it yet," he teased. "I haven’t given these things a great deal of thought because I’m still absolutely in the storm of 'Doctor Who.' I’m writing my last finale just ahead of my last Christmas special; they’re both staring me in the face right now. But it’s still full on. It will be full on until the second it’s not. There is no process of leaving. One day you’re doing the job fully and completely, the next day you’re not. It will be as simple as that."

Featuring Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts and Matt Lucas as Nardole, “Doctor Who” returns to BBC One and BBC America on Saturday, April 15.

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