Doctor Who Spinoff Class Debuts Two Featurettes


Ahead of the debut next month of "Doctor Who" spinoff series "Class," BBC has released two featurettes introducing the series' concept and one of its major characters, Miss Quill, "the teacher you'd never ever want to have."

In the first video, showrunner Patrick Ness, also known as a popular YA author, discusses being hired to write "Doctor Who" and how that eventually led to "Class." When producers suggested a new series set at Coal Hill, the school where former companion Clara Oswald taught, "I just started lighting up," Ness said. "I thought, being able to look at the 'Doctor Who' universe from a different perspective -- I would find that interesting."

Though Jenna Coleman's Clara will not appear in the series, Peter Capaldi will cameo as the Doctor in the first episode, and can also be seen in the behind the scenes clip.

Next, Ness and Katherine Kelly discuss her character Miss Quill, whom Kelly describes as "badass but believable as a teacher." "She is smarter than you and will let you know it," Ness added. The clip shows Quill patrolling the hallway with some manner of glowing weapon.

"Class" is not the first "Doctor Who" spinoff series, with "Torchwood" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures" proving popular additions in the modern era. The tone of "Class" is rumored to be set slightly older than "Who," more in line with "Torchwood." Executive producer Stephen Moffat has described "Class" as a "British Buffy," and Ness's YA bonafides should suggest a complex and sympathetic portrayal of teen life. Ness has also indicated that one of the male leads will be gay.

Ness, Stephen Moffat and Brian Minchin are executive producers of the series, which stars Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah. "Class" is in session beginning October 22 on BBC Three and BBC America.

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