Doctor Who's Sonic Screwdriver Added to Oxford Dictionary

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After picking locks, disarming weapons and tracking alien life on "Doctor Who" for the better part of five decades, the sonic driver has at last cracked the dictionary.

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In honor of the Season 10 premiere of "Doctor Who" on Saturday, Oxford Dictionaries announced the Time Lord's iconic device will debut in the new edition of the Oxford English Dictionary.

"Although the revised, third-edition text of the OED entry for sonic adj. won’t be published until June, we can travel forward in time to take a sneak peek at this Whovian entry ahead of 'Doctor Who’s' series 10 premiere, ‘The Pilot,'" according to a post on the OxfordWords blog, which refers to the sonic screwdriver as "the Doctor's multipurpose tool and get-out-of-jail-free card."

Sonic screwdriver in OED

Sonic screwdriver is defined as "a (hand-held) electronic device which uses sound waves to perform various mechanical and technical functions. Originally and chiefly in (or in reference to) the British television series 'Doctor Who.'" It joins fellow "Doctor Who"-derived words TARDIS, Dalek and Cyberman in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Introduced in the 1968 "Doctor Who" serial "Fury from the Deep," starring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, the sonic screwdriver has become a fixture of the series, although it completely disappeared in the 1980s before making brief return in the 1996 television movie. Peter Capaldi's Twelfth Doctor replaces the sonic screwdriver with sonic sunglasses before receiving a new sonic screwdriver from the TARDIS.

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