Doctor Who: See the Universe Anew in Season 10 Trailer

"Doctor Who" delivers one more Christmas present with an action-packed, if somewhat-short, trailer for the 10th season of the sci-fi series.

It's narrated by the Doctor's new companion Bill, played by Pearl Mackie, who apparently works in a university cafeteria, and definitely asks a lot of questions: "Where are we?" "Which way's Earth?" "What's a Dalek?" "Can I use the toilet?"

As one of those questions suggests, the trailer includes a Dalek, as well as shots of Peter Capaldi's Doctor serving as a university professor or lecturer, new aliens, Victorian England, Matt Lucas' Nardole, otherworldly locations and, yes, the sonic sunglasses.

There's also Bill's reaction to the TARDIS, which jumps past the usual "It's bigger on the inside!" to "It's like a ... kitchen!"

The 10th season of "Doctor Who" won't premiere until this spring, but Whovians in the United States can still enjoy the Season Nine marathon airing today on BBC America, leading up to the Christmas special, "The Return of Doctor Mysterio," which airs tonight at 9 ET/PT. In the episode, the Doctor and Nardole join forces with an investigative reporter and a masked superhero called The Ghost to fend off an attack on New York City by brain-swapping aliens.

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