Doctor Who Season 7: 5 Questions About What We Know So Far

We're just weeks away from the debut of Doctor Who Season 7, the final season for Amy and Rory, the first since the Doctor's "death" and one that promises a blockbuster movie every single week. Gearing up for the main event, you really shouldn't be surprised that we have five questions about what little we already know about what's to come.

Firstly, you have all seen this already, right…?

Good. Now, let's begin.

What Are We Seeing In That Trailer, Exactly?

Apparently, scenes from at least four of the five episodes that make up the first part of the seventh season, judging by this list of titles:

Episode 1: Asylum of the Daleks (by Steven Moffat)

Episode 2: Dinosaurs on a Spaceship (by Chris Chibnall)

Episode 3: A Town Called Mercy (by Toby Whithouse)

Episode 4: The Power of Three (by Chris Chibnall)

Episode 5: The Angels Take Manhattan (by Steven Moffat)

The only one I can't see for sure in that trailer is "The Power of Three," but I'm sure everyone else is as excited as I am about finally getting that long-awaited Doctor Who/Charmed crossover after all this time.

The Daleks? Really?

Something that I've found very interesting about the non-spoilery reviews that have appeared following the British press screening for "Asylum of the Daleks" is the repeated comments along the lines of "I was really over the Daleks, but this is the best episode they've had since 2006's 'Dalek'." If true, that's quite a compliment. Color me a little excited then, if still a little worried that Daleks are so overblown that we can pretty much write them off as useful bad guys these days.

Will Amy Die In The First Episode Of The Season?

Reports had Amy and Rory making it at least midway through the season before being written out, but the Doctor holding Amy in his arms at 1:23 seems to suggest otherwise… Especially with the non-spoilery reviews from the UK promising something dramatic happening to the Ponds in the episode. Is Amy going to die, and then make appearances from earlier in her timeline in later episodes…? We know that Steven Moffat likes to play with time travel, after all…

So, What's The Overarching Story Of This Season?

According to interviews, there is no season-long storyline or mystery to this season, with the show instead trying to make every episode a standalone blockbuster of the week. Which… I kind of like the idea of - I certainly like the idea of different opening titles each week, I have to admit - but I'm also not sure I fully believe. After all, we have the whole "Doctor who?" question dangling from last year, and if rumors about this year being Matt Smith's last one turn out to be true, you'd think that would get addressed at some point this year… So are we going to see an arc slowly emerge amongst lots of seemingly standalone episodes…?

When Does It Begin? No, Really, When?

In the UK, September 1. In the US… Well, BBC America hasn't officially announced a date yet, but considering that it aired the same day as the UK last year, and the channel currently has all-new specials scheduled for the Saturdays leading up to September 1, I think we can confidently say that we'll be seeing new Doctor a week from Saturday…

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